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I'm doing my dissertation on straight edge.

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1I'm doing my dissertation on straight edge. Empty I'm doing my dissertation on straight edge. on Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:48 am

...and I had an interview yesterday where I proposed my original plan (it was going to be about the evolving meanings of the identities that have been afforded expression through straight edge participation from 1980 till the present day) but seemingly that's too large a scope so they've convinced me to just focus on Dublin straight edge, haha. I'll be interviewing a million people whether they like it or not.

They want me to do a chapter on performativity and how people act out their roles in spaces and shit like that so if you X up and mosh hard as fuck until this time next year you'll be making appearances.

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I want my picture on the cover of this.

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Haha. I had loads of pictures in the thing I handed up yesterday, I was tempted to include one of Chris wearing his jacket or something but I knew I'd fucking lose it when that slide came up.

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Good man Eddie. I was actually considering doing a thesis on Dublin Hardcore and the sub-culture of Straight Edge next year. Let me know how it goes!

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